Belgium - 1882-1894 Parcel Post Issue

Genuine and Forgery

Many forgeries exist of this issue, but the vast majority are mint (so far I have only encountered a single used forgery of the 2 Franc value).  This suggests that comparison with used stamps from this set, especially the low values, would enable the forgeries to be easily identified.  The high value of this set (2 Franc, Scott Q15) is, I believe, the most common forgery found on Ebay. 


  1. Comb perforated 15.5 14.5, always 28 by 19 perf. holes;

  2. Fine detail evident in design, especially the engine at the left    and the boiler at the right;

  3. Imprint C. WIENER is clearly readable


  1. Various incorrect perforations,  usually line perf. with uneven corners;

  2. Design lacks fine details, many areas  (e.g. engine and boiler) appear to be solid;

  3. Imprint is blurred or just a line.

Note:  The forgery described above is just one of many that exist.  In determining if a stamp is genuine or fake, please rely only on the description of the genuine stamp.


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