Germany Local Issues (1945-46)

French Zone, OPD Tübingen

Ravensburg Overprint Types

May 1945.  Private overprint, 18 values in 5 types.

Type 1 - Vertical bar broken near bottom
Type 2 - Vertical bar broken near top
Type 2a - Both B's narrow
Type 2b - Narrow B in DANUBE, wide B in RAVENSBURG
Type 2c - Wide B in DANUBE, narrow B in RAVENSBURG
Type 2d - Both B's wide
Type 2c is Michel Type II (DANUBE 10.4 mm wide).  The
others are Michel Type I.  The spacing on either side of the
letter 'U' is an easy way to identify these types.

Overprints with an unbroken vertical bar are forgeries !


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