Germany Local Issues (1945-46)

Soviet Zone, OPD Dresden

The Löbau Overprint

Issued May 30, 1945 and valid through the end of June.

The overprint is the signum of a former postal official named Dutschke.

1. Genuine overprints

The genuine overprints are handstamped using an oily ink that often leaves stains. Border detail is weak and often missing.  There is a wide frame break at top right.

June 27, 1945 - postmark LÖBAU (SACHS) h

2. Reprints

Handstamped, usually done with apparent care.  The border detail is better but still is broken or weak in many places. The frame break is smaller and sometimes almost disappears.  The ink is not oily.

3. Forgeries

Both handstamped and typographed forgeries exist. They vary from crude to quite good. The first forgery below is a "too good" reproduction of the reprint, while the last forgery is a "too good" reproduction of the original overprint.

4. Forged Cancellations

The postmark LÖBAU (SACHS) n often appears as a backdated cancel on both reprints and forged stamps. The postmark LÖBAU (SACHS) i is always an indication of a forgery, as are similar cancels with the identifying letters e, r and o (the latter being a roller cancel). Forged cancellations of DRESDEN A24 dd are also known.

Löbau stamps were also used in other nearby towns.   These are Bernstadt, Cunewalde, Ebersbach, Taubenheim, Eibau, Walddorf, Herrnhut, Neueibau über Leutersdorf, Obercunnersdorf, Oppach, Neugersdorf, Neusalza-Spremberg and Friedersdorf über Neusalza-Spremberg, Oberoderwitz and Rodewitz über Bautzen, as well as numerous suburbs of Löbau ("xxx über Löbau (Sachs)").

Forged covers are also known from a few of these towns, especially Herrnhut and Oberoderwitz.


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