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I am in the process of developing a new exhibit.  The working title is "Carpatho-Ukraine 1944-1945".  I have identified a number of instances where additional material is needed (and in some cases desperately needed).

The current draft has 9 frames with the following plan:

1. Liberation Postmarks (2 pages) 4. U˛horod First Edition (13 pages)   8. Third Definitive Issue (6 pages)
2. Local Issues (12 pages) 5. U˛horod Second Edition (14 pages)   9. NRZU Postal Stationery (13 pages)
3. The NRZU Postal System (2 pages) 6. First Definitive Issue (25 pages) 10. Soviet Ukraine (3 pages)
7. Second Definitive Issue (35 pages)

The exhibit can now be seen on my web site: Carpatho-Ukraine 1944-1945

The exhibit includes many oversize pages, especially in sections 6 and 7.

The following is my want list.. Uncataloged varieties would also be very useful.  And one can never have too many covers!

(Items prefixed with * are especially wanted)

Local Issues


* Horthy 2P, 5P with watermark IX (double barred cross)

* 18f+18f Double Card
* Rose Fieldpost card with boxed overprint

Many needed - especially Charity issues, Famous Women, Porto and various postal forms.  Details on request.



U˛horod First Edition

Churches 2.00/80f Type IIIa inverted overprint
Horthy 4.00/2P inverted overprints (all types)
* Horthy 10.00/5P Types I/Ia, IIIa
* Portraits & Crown 2.00/1P Type Ib
Kossuth 40/4f inverted overprints Types I or Ia, II, III
Kossuth 1.00/50f inverted overprint Type II
* Famous Women 1.40/70f Type Ib
ditto, inverted overprints Types II, IIIa
Famous Women 2.00/80f  Type Ib
ditto, inverted overprints Types II, IIIa
Porto 20/8f inverted overprints, all Types
Porto 30/12f inverted overprints, all Types
* Porto 1.00/40f Type IIIa

Accounting Tax 40/10f carmine, Types I, Ia

* Covers !!!

Unissued Revenue Stamps

(I realize that not all types will exist for many of the rarer denominations. See my census at

Documentary 10/2f (II,III,IIIa,IV), 10/4f (II,III,IIIa,IV), 40/4f red orange (I/Ia), 40/4f red (II,IV), 40/20f (III,IIIa,IV), 60/30f violet (II,III,IIIa,IV),
60/30 blue violet (IV), 60/40f (II,III,IIIa,IV), 1.00/40f (IV), 2.00/50f (II,III,IIIa,IV), 4.00/2P (IV), 4.00/3P (II.III.IIIa,IV), 6.00/3P (IV),
10.00/5P (I/Ia,III,IV), 2.00/10P (all), 2.00/20P (I/Ia,II,IIIa,IV), 2.00/50P (all)

Bill of Exchange 10/3f (IIIa), 40/15f (IV), 60/30f (all), 1.00/45f (IV), 1.40/60f blue (II,IIIa), 1.40/60f navy blue (II,IIIa), 6.00/3P (IV), 15.00/7.50P (all)

Judicial 20/10f (IV), 40/10f (II,III,IIIa,IV), 40/20f (all), 60/30f (IV), 1.00/50f (IV), 2.00/50f (all), 2.00/1P (II,IIIa,IV), 4.00/2P (II,III,IIIa,IV),
6.00/5P (all), 10.00/5P (I/Ia,II,III,IV)

Two-Part Receipt 10/5f (IIIa), 1.00/50f (IV), 5.00/2P (II,III,IIIa,IV), 6.00/3P (IIIa,IV), 10.00/4P (I/Ia,II,IV), 10.00/5P (II,IV), 15.00/6P (II,III,IIIa), 20.00/10P (I/Ia,II,III,IIIa), 40.00/20P (II,III,IIIa,IV), 60.00/30P (I/Ia,II,III,IV)

Accounting Tax (large) 10.00/5P Type Ia (probably does not exist)

U˛horod Second Edition

Crown 60/16f inverted overprint
Churches 60/30f inverted overprint
* Churches 2.00/80f (Type II)
ditto, inverted overprint
War Invalids 60/20f+2f error
* Portraits & Crown 10/3f black overprint
Portraits & Crown 2.00/1P inverted overprint
Kossuth 40/4f inverted overprint
* Famous Women 2.00/80f
* Porto 1.00/40f

on Chust (ČSP) - Portraits & Crown 60/10f inverted overprints
on Chust (ČSP) - Famous Women 2.00/70f inverted overprint

Tźte-bźche pairs, inverted numerals and various anomalies (I have the 60/4f double print)

Unissued - St. Stephen 60/20f, Famous Women 2.40/80f, Porto 60/20f, Accounting Tax 60/10f

Covers !!!

First Definitive Issue

Full sheet of 60f
* Full sheet of 200f (60 stamps with gutter)
200f with Greek-style Lambda in marginal inscription - ΛИТО ΛАМ 1945

Second Definitive Issue

* Full sheet of 20f (200 stamps with gutter)
Full sheets of 10f, 40f, 60f and 100f (200 stamps with gutter)
* 100 brown & 200 blue imperforate
* Non-philatelic covers with 100f, 200f

Third Definitive Issue

* Cover(s) with 10f

Postal Stationery

* 40/18f without bars

* 40/18f with ČSP, 22 mm bar

* 40/12f without ČSP
40/12f with ČSP
* 1.–/12f with ČSP
1.–/12f Reply Card with ČSP, 36x9 mm bar - #
1.–/12f Reply Card with ČSP, 3 bars) - #
1.–/18f with ČSP, 36x4.5 mm bar - #
1.–/18f Reply Card, 3 bar variety - #
* 1.–/18f Message Card with ČSP - #
* 1.–/18f Reply Card with ČSP, 36x9 mm bar - #
1.–/18f Reply Card with ČSP, 3 bars

# - listed in catalogs but never seen; may not exist.

* Rose card with 45mm bar, without boxed Chust overprint
* Rose card with 63 mm bar, without boxed Chust overprint


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