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Jay T. Carrigan



1. General collections

Most collections have been sold.  I still collect the following (but expect to sell them in the next year or so) -

Czechoslovakia (1918-49)     will be sold

Hungary (1871-1956)     will be sold

  Germany (1872-1945)     will be sold   Isle of Man  (to 1999)     will be sold

2. Specialized collections  
(stamps, postal stationery & postal history from the period immediately after the end of WWII)  


Greece     will be sold

     Vienna and Graz Oveprints

     Dodecanese Islands, British & Greek occupations

     Local Issues

     National Resistance

     AMG Stamps and Covers     will be sold


     Other 1945-47 Stamps and Postal History     will be sold

     Local Issues


     1945 Postal History     will be sold

Czechoslovakia     will be sold

     1945 Inflation Covers     will be sold

     Liberation Issues

Italy     will be sold   

     1945 Stamps and Postal History

     CLN Issues    

Denmark  (Internment Camp Mail)    Sold!


France     will be sold

     AMG Stamps and Covers   

     Liberation Issues    

     1944-45 Stamps and Postal History    

     AMG Stamps and Covers    

     Venezia Giulia Issues    

     1944-45 Stamps and Postal History  

Poland     will be sold


     Local and Warsaw Uprising Issues    

     Local Issues

     1944-45 Stamps and Postal History   

     AMG Stamps and Covers

     1944-45 Covers to the Red Cross    

     DP Camp Stamps and Covers


     1945-49 Stamp and Postal Stationery Issues of All Zones

     Northern Transylvania

     1945-49 Postal History, especially

     1944-45 Fieldpost Covers     will be sold

          Censorship, Including Civil Internment Camps


          Certified Mail in Northern Bavaria

     Regional Issues

          Emergency Cancellations

     1944-45 Stamps and Postal History

          Missing Persons Search Services

     Istria and the Slovene Coast 1945-47


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