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American Philatelic Society

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Jay T. Carrigan



Soviet Zone 1945-1946
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern    Victims of Fascism Issue
     One Frame Exhibit    5/14 - new material added
       Single Frame Grand Award at NAPEX 2014
East Saxony    8 Frame exhibit
Local Issues (1945-1946)
1945-46 Postmaster Provisionals
     Old exhibit - will not be shown again
1945 Netzschkau Local Issue
     One Frame Exhibit
  Allied Occupation Issues     One Frame Exhibits
    Emergency Cancellations on AMG Issues     New 11/13
    British Zone AMG Postal Stationery, 1945-1946  New 11/13
Postal History (post-WWII)
Certified Mail in Northern Bavaria, 1945
     One Frame Exhibit
         Single Frame Grand Award at BALPEX 2005
Official Mail of the Allies   (post-WWII)
     not ready to be shown - need more material
DP Camp Stamps

Polish DP Camps in Germany - The Lübeck Complex

       One Frame Exhibit     8/14 - new material added
  Displaced Persons Mail, British Zone
       One Frame Exhibit
Russian DP Camps     2 Frame Exhibit
     Old exhibit - will not be shown again
The 1945 Vienna Provisional Issues
     not ready to be shown - need more material!
Carpatho-Ukraine 1944-1945     10 Frame Exhibit
       5/14 - new material added
1944-45 Postal Stationery     One Frame Exhibit)
     Old exhibit - will not be shown again
Local Emergency Measures in Eastern Hungary, 1944-45
     (One Frame Exhibit)
The Liberation of Yugoslavia    9 Frame Exhibit
  Original 2007 version, includes postal history and other topics

Post-WW2 Regional Issues of Yugoslavia    7 Frame Exhibit    New 3/15

  Revised 2015 version, narrower focus, much new material

The 1944-45 Regional Issues of Yugoslavia    5 Frame Exhibit    New 6/15

  Compressed for international

(Many more to come, if I ever find the time.)


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