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Local Issues (1945-1946)
Fredersdorf     -     Genuine and Forgeries
Großräschen     -     (Michel V2)
     COD Label used as 15 Pf. stamp
     Genuine and Forgery
Löbau     -     Genuine and Forgeries
Ravensburg    -    Overprint Types
     (all other overprints are forgeries!)
     Genuine and Forgeries
Facsimile Overprints
     Snagged from an Ebay lot
East Germany (DDR)
  1953-1959 "Five Year Plan" Issues  
       Identifying the issues and reprints
Postal History (post-WWII)
Soviet Zone Censorship    -    1945 - 1950
Civil Internment Camps    -    checklist 
DP Camps
  Priced Catalog of DP Camp Stamps
      (Under construction)
1882-1894 Parcel Post Issue
     (Genuine and Forgery)
1914 Red Cross Issue  
     (Genuine and Forgeries)
  Identification of the 1895-1916 Postage Dues
An Introduction to the Stamps of Carpatho-Ukraine
     1939 and 1945
Carpatho-Ukrainian Postal Stationery
     1939 and 1945
  Post WWII Internment Camps     updated 8/14
Local Issues of Northern Transylvania 1944-1945
     (Very much under construction)

(Many more to come, if I ever find the time.)


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